We’re rebuilding VeloCV ground up.

We promised the best CV experience, and we keep our promises.

VeloCV 2.0 features


It’s not year 2000 anymore, VeloCV is buildt with the latest technologies available to be totally future proof!


Nowadays you need your CV in more than one language, VeloCV is build exactly for that!

Clean and easy

Say goodbye to ugly and overbloated interfaces, VeloCV has just what you need, no useless things!

Desktop and mobile

Whatever theme you’re going to choose, your public VeloCV profile(s) are going to work seamlessly on both desktop computer and smartphones!


VeloCV is built on the most modern standards about résumes and data interoperability.

You own your data

Download all your data/profiles/résumes in any moment, instantly.


  • Unlimited CVs

  • Unlimited languages

  • Save your CV as PDF

  • https://velocv.com/username



  • Unlimited CVs

  • Unlimited languages

  • Save your CV as PDF

  • http://yourdomain.com

  • Europass PDF/DOC/XML